The best night clubs and Nightlife in Copenhagen

Copenhagen nightlife is wonderfully varied, with a range of options to go out, whatever your preferences. Culture Trip has chosen the best places to have fun in the Danish capital, from conventional nightclubs to clandestine clubs. Copenhagen is a city in motion almost all day. But if you want to rock, you have to wait until midnight when most nightclubs wake up. Put on your dance shoes and party until the sun rises! Copenhagen nightlife offers everything from conventional nightclubs, to glamorous places, trendy bars and underground clubs. Whether you like live music, modern, cozy or genuine places, Copenhagen nightclubs have something for you. Many places continue to sway until dawn. If you go to an elegant nightclub, the dress code is international, and if you feel like a tuxedo, it’s fine. Otherwise, Danes tend to dress a little. Many of Copenhagen’s cafes, bars, restaurants and clubs change their character from bar to coffee, etc. over a period of 24 hours.


Many clubs have a certain dress code: elegant, casual is common. The definition of what is appropriate may vary, but generally means: tidy clothing. However, in some places it also means: no jeans or slippers


You must be 18 years old to be served alcohol in pubs and discos. You must show an identification upon request. (The legal age to buy alcohol in stores is 16 years old)


A minimum age of at least 20 or 21 years is required in most clubs; However, some of them set the limit at 25-27. These requirements may vary depending on the day of the week and the time of day.

The Top clubs Nightlife in Copenhagen

1. Joy: A little sister from the legendary Meatpacking District nightclub, Jolene, this “music-centric bar” in multicultural Griffenfeldsgade has attracted a multitude of fashion since its opening in 2018. And it’s no wonder. As corresponds to the name of the bar, Joy’s lineup is deliciously eclectic and guarantees that the crowds work. Expect live music and DJs that play everything from jazz and soul to world and psychedelia.

2. Culture Box: Copenhagen’s main techno palace is the usual host of DJ legends like Derrick May and Jeff Mills. The sound system has, by far, the most penetrating bass in the city, the VJ shows are excellent and the quieter dance floor on the ground floor is perfect for those who don’t want to sweat on the main floor. The next-door disco bar, Cocktail Box, is open from 8 p.m.

3. Rust: Rust is one of the best places in the city for concerts and discos, and an integral part of Copenhagen’s nightlife. Its evolution over the years, from political coffee to the dubious rock club and, finally, the most polished place you see today, is even more impressive for its retention of an experimental advantage and the ability to move forward With the times. Expect to see someone from Post Malone to Rufus Wainwright on their list of artists; He specializes in indie rock, electronics and hip hop. Always busy on Friday and Saturday nights until late.

4. Lygtens Kro: Located in an old hunting lodge in the multicultural neighborhood of Nordvest, this German-inspired bar and restaurant – think of sausages and sauerkraut – becomes more lively as the night progresses. With genres that range from stoner rock and American to heavy metal and fuzz rock, the night lineup of mostly Scandinavian live performances never disappoints, while an equally eclectic DJ list makes trendy venues dance the Weekend.

5. La Fontaine: For a long time a mecca for jazz musicians, Copenhagen has several brilliant live music venues, including the deliciously relaxed La Fontaine. Located on a pedestrian street in the medieval quarter, it is said to be the oldest jazz club in the country and is still best known for its impromptu sessions on Sunday nights. In fact, during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in 2015, a certain Lady Gaga even performed for an impromptu interpretation of “La Vie En Rose”.

6. Cecil AM: Located in an Art Deco building right in the center of the city, the elegant Hotel Cecil’s Cecil AM is an excellent place to listen to live music. It is one of the best places to launch some forms. Especially fun are the long nights of Soul Explosion, where you can dance all night with classic soul, funk and disco.

7. Vega: Opened in 1996 and located in an emblematic building dating from 1956, Vega is the queen of Copenhagen’s nightlife. It has a large and small concert hall, Big Vega and Little Vega, the latter works as a disco; and the Ideal Bar at street level, a party institution in itself. The list of famous names that have played in Vega over the years is a testament to their popularity, from secret Prince and David Bowie concerts to concerts by artists like Björk. The interior is excellent, the professional service and the DJs among the best in the city.

8. Gensyn: This award-winning cocktail bar emanates homey vibes, thanks to its friendly local crowd, the old school pool table and the lounge-inspired decor. Start with a Walnut Brown, the house cocktail that is made with toasted rye bread and three different whiskeys, or try a G’n’T made with the bar’s own dried gin: it is distilled in the basement of the nearby town hall of Frederiksberg, using botanical products. such as coriander seeds, angelica root and brown rice tea

9. Bo-Bi Bar: Absalon, which doubles itself as “an extension of its living room,” is a colorful community center located in a reused church in Vesterbro. Visit during the day to take a pottery or yoga class, but don’t miss the holidays on Fridays and Saturdays at night. After Absalon’s famous community dinner, an economic affair with a budget where no one is strange, revelers arrive on the dance floor while DJs play from Japanese funk to the American disco.

10. NOHO: NOHO is one of the best meeting places in Copenhagen, and while you can have an elegant coffee here during the day, it is also worth visiting the place at night, where night parties are held. Surrounded by many other great places in the Meatpacking District, NOHO houses some of the best DJs in the city