The best night clubs and Nightlife in Munich

Nightlife Munich offers fun for all tastes. From electronic music to Latin American rhythms, in the Bavarian capital there is a great variety of bars and discos to spend unforgettable nights! Munich is one of the most modern cities in Germany. Regardless of whether you like hip-hop, hipster vibes or alternatives, there is a place on this list for you. All these places and more can be found in the new travelstoke application of Matador Network. Check it out and create some own travel planning lists. Munich It is certainly a city suitable for young people and its nightlife is one of the most vibrant in Europe: the possibilities for fun are many, thanks to the many pubs and clubs scattered throughout the city and, of course, the famous Oktoberfest held in Munich. every year between September and October. Munich is also one of the safest in the world, and there are also risks when turning at night.

The nightlife in Munich is located south and west of the city. In these areas there are many places and places to have fun, drink and dance of different types, from electronic music to metal. The reference districts for nightlife in Munich are two: Schwabing and Glockenbachviertel.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Munich

1. Pacha Munchen: La Pacha in Monaco is a subsidiary of the famous Pacha Ibiza nightclub. This elegant club offers theme nights and “after work parties”, all with the best DJs of the moment. A landmark for nightlife in Munich. The two dance floors are separated by a movable wall. Once the wall is lifted, professional dancers go out on the dance floor and the party begins. Champagne or sparkling wine are the drinks in this club.

2. P1 Club: The P1 is the most famous club in Monaco, an elite place frequented by celebrities and rich people, such as soccer players, businessmen, famous models and other VIPs. The club is located in the basement of the Munich Museum of Art: the exterior is very elegant, with several elegant columns and decorations, while its interior is sober and spacious: the P1 can contain 9,000 people and inside you will find a pizzeria, a bar, more lounges and tables. The attendance and music are great. For tourists it is very difficult to achieve, due to the strict selection at the entrance, access is granted only if you have the right look, a good wallet or the right friendships, so dress up! The P1 nightclub is open all week, and on weekends it is almost impossible to get.

3. Nachtcafé: NachtCafè is a busy and always crowded bar, when you play live music. There is also a dance floor where you can dance.

Club Nachtwerk – Nachtgalerie: Nachtwerk is a disco where you can dance hip-hop and commercial music. Despite its small size, on weekends the club can accommodate more than 1000 people.

4. Atomic Café: The Atomic Café is a small alternative nightclub located in the center of Monaco, a short distance from Hofbräuhaus and Marienplatz. The clubs are frequented mainly by students and by alternative people. The Atomic Café is a live club, a disco and a cocktail bar, and its atmosphere is in the style of the 60s, with large sofas on the edge of the dance floor. Here you can dance late at night to the rhythm of the most famous international DJs. Music ranges from electronics to Drum and Bass, to the music of the 60s.

5. Backstage: Backstage is a club that offers rock music and concerts of all kinds. The place is frequented by a public alternative.

6. Ksar Barclub: The Ksar Barclub is a trendy cocktail bar, located in Sendlinger Tor near Gärtnerplatz, which offers a selection of electronic music and cocktails. The club is very popular among the young people of Monaco who come to dance electronic music proposed by several DJs. The sophisticated atmosphere of the club is enriched with comfortable leather chairs, lilac carpets and elegant lamps. Great place to have fun and spend a fun evening with friends.

7. Kultfabrik: Kultfabrik is an old industrial area, located near Optimolwerke in the western part of the city, converted in 1996 into the fun area and 15 years of reference for nightlife in Munich. The Kultfabrik extends over an area of 60,000 MQ completely dedicated to nightlife and entertainment, occupied by more than 50 locations, nightclubs and bars of all kinds: discos, private clubs, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, concert halls, exhibition and recording rooms. Studios Once inside, you can explore the small streets, full of bars and clubs of all kinds, from Russia to Mexico, between restaurants and live concerts. Everyone can find more of their costumes here! This became the meeting place for young people and for many young people who want to spend the night dancing, listening to live music, drinking Bavarian beer.

8. 11ER: 11ER is a club located in Kultfabric. It has a large dance floor with 2 bars. Electronic music here. Recommended on Fridays and Saturdays, even if the 11th is always full, thanks to not excessive prices.

9. Americans: Americans is a Mexican-style bar where people usually dance at the tables. Afternoons begin at 9:00 pm with happy hour and end at dawn. Every night, the club offers different genres of music, from house music to commercials.

10. Q Club: The Q-club It is the largest club in Kultfabrik. Modern and very busy nightclub, VIP room, Aqua Lounge, Q Garden and Cohibar. The club meets the expectations of even the most demanding party animals. Great place to learn beautiful girls from Munich.