The best night clubs and Nightlife in Rio de Janeiro

The nightlife in Rio is generally informal. Many Cariocas go out in Havaianas and shorts. So, above all, there is no need to dress too much. The best known party neighborhood is Lapa, which is filled on weekends. The night in Rio can be very diverse, so you just need to think about what type of party or event you prefer! Confirm here the best options for a great nightlife experience in Rio de Janeiro!

Rio de Janeiro has a reputation for nightlife, but discovering it is not as easy as it seems. From underground samba shows to multi-story nightclubs, Rio has it all: you just need to know where to look. Here is your complete guide to the best nightlife in Rio de Janeiro, including the best places to visit in each neighborhood and where to look for upcoming events throughout the city on social media.

Rio de Janeiro knows how to have fun. From the hedonistic spree of the Carnival to the massive New Year celebrations of the city, Rio likes nothing more than letting go of his hair.

It is not surprising, then, that the nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro are abundant and lively. However, what may surprise visitors is the fact that the city’s famous party spirit can be a bit difficult to discover.

South area that encompasses such famous destinations as Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon, and one could easily conclude that the nightlife in the city amounts to little more than pizza restaurants and overpriced pizza restaurants Copacabana or palaces models posing with ridiculous prices themselves at the western nightclubs Ipanema and Leblon. However, scratch the surface and you will find locals shaking those booties with great abandonment in all kinds of places.

The first stop of any party in Rio de Janeiro should be Lapa, the downtown party district that has recently undergone a massive transformation from a sordid nighttime meeting place to the destination of each clubber’s choice. From the sensual samba to heavy hip hop, from the funky favela to the sensual bossa nova, you can warm it out loud, and often live, in Lapa.

The Rio Times is a local newspaper published in English and produces a daily Nightlife Guide of the best events in the city for that day.

Outdoor samba parties, check out the page of Samba da Urca that organizes events regularly throughout Urca, especially on the beach of Praia Vermelha. A popular event in Rio de Janeiro is the outdoor food truck and homemade beer festivals.

The Center is often overlooked by nightlife, but this area has one of the best local and outdoor parties in the city. Every weekend, Lapa Arches groups organize live bands and various food and beverage stalls for an informal outdoor gathering that continues until dawn.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Rio de Janeiro

1. FOSFOBOX: Fosfobox is a Rio institution and one of the most beloved clandestine clubs in the city. Fosfobox attracts hipsters and the types of musical mentality of all social demographic groups to shake their collective things on the sticky dance floor. The musical action takes place on the ground floor, where DJs play a mix of underground electronic music, vintage rock and roll, hip hop and a pinch of pop, with occasional samba, live music or lining nights that keep the menu Eclectic musical. Things get narrow and hectic on the dance floor after 1 a.m., but the bar and balcony on the top floor provide the opportunity to have a cocktail and chat, away from the bass lines.

2. CARIOCA DA GEMA: Rio Scenarium, Carioca da Gema seriously attracts locals. Samba lovers of all ages flock to this dance center in the city center, where the fleet of feet and the flexibility of the buttocks shake and tremble on the dance floor. The club is located in a tall and beautiful colonial building, with a balcony overlooking the busy streets of Lapa, perfect for people watching and taking a breath of fresh air before continuing their athletic dance. If you don’t feel sure of throwing yourself on the floor, simply admire the ability of the locals and drink a caipirinha until the Dutch value comes into effect. It is largely assumed that foreigners cannot dance, so no one will judge too hard.

3. RIO STAGE: dancing samba in an antique store is a unique experience that only Rio Scenarium can offer. Rio is synonymous with samba, and the historic district of Lapa, in the center of the city, should be the first port of call for anyone who wants to hear what is played live. In Rio Scenarium, the extravagant factor increases to 11 thanks to the fact that this vast place for samba shows is also a storage space for antiques and movie accessories, so fascinating costumes, masks and other historical artifacts form the curtain. Dance background, eating and drinking.

4. COMMUNE: Commune is one of the most modern places in the city to eat, drink and socialize. Easy to lose, but it is worth looking for, this artistic cultural center is where great children mix, dance and share frozen beer bottles. With an art gallery, an outdoor terrace and music / art themed evenings, it combines an informally studied hipster aesthetic with an impressive list of DJ sets.

5. CLUBE DOS DEMOCRATICOS: one of the oldest live music venues in Rio, Clube dos Democraticos features samba and lining bands of the highest quality. I laugh in this very dear place. Clube dos Democraticos was founded more than a century ago as a carnival society that unites musicians, dancers and other people imbued with carnival spirit. Today, the club continues to attract live music lovers, with regular samba sessions filling the great dance floor. For a change of music scene, it is worth checking out the lining sessions on Wednesday night: this popular weekly event is a great place to get acquainted with this sensual musical style of northeastern Brazil.

6. CASA DA MATRIZ: Casa da Matriz is the preferred meeting place for the young and excited of Rio. Casa da Matriz should be your first port of call. The DJs play an eclectic mix of melodies that covers everything from the Tropicalia of the 60s to the hip hop of the 90s, going through punk, funk and soul, and the place is full of students and other fashionable youngsters. weekends. There’s even an ‘independent karaoke’ night where you can sing along with Joy Division, Nirvana, The Pixies and The Smiths. For a night out with any amount of twists and turns, this is a prominent place.

7. LEVIANO BAR: an eclectic music menu that includes electro-heavy club nights, more gentle jazz festivals and live samba sessions, and the dance floors on the ground floor are packed until the wee hours of the morning almost every morning. Nights of the week A balcony on the mezzanine offers ample space for drinks and conversation, in case you can make yourself heard by the music.

8. FEBARJ: Friday nights in Febarj are always fun, hip hop festivals. The building belongs to an organization that celebrates Afro-Brazilian culture, and on Friday and Saturday nights the three floors of this old colonial house tremble to the sound of Brazilian and American hip hop. Things usually come alive around 1 am, and the party does not stop until near dawn. With an entry fee of less than R $ 8 and free before midnight, this is a great place for a relaxed, cheap and largely free pose night in Rio.

9. CIRCUS VOADOR: This Lapa focal point is home to everything from Brazilian funk DJ sets to live international bands. Concert venue, this multifunctional place in the heart of Lapa hosts local fashion bands and international visitors, as well as organizing some of the city’s most popular regular nightclubs nights. In addition, dance and percussion workshops and nightly art exhibitions make this a truly unique place, frequented by a young crowd, largely middle class.

10.Vitrinni Lounge Beer: Vitrinni Lounge More than one night, an experience!