The best night clubs and Nightlife in Saint-Tropez

Nightlife in Saint-Tropez is a fascinating coastal city located in the southeast of France. It is an important city of France in terms of nightlife. The city is famous for its splendid beaches and nightlife. The beaches of Saint-Tropez are among the favorite beaches of tourists and travelers. Saint-Tropez is also famous for celebrities and artists. Saint Tropez has some of the most famous nightclubs in Europe. It is a destination that is synonymous with glamor, celebrities, parties, large yachts and stunning landscapes. In this nightlife guide in Saint Tropez, we explore the best bars, clubs, casinos, strip clubs, events. As an additional benefit, we will also help you understand the best ways to travel in this French city and its surroundings.

Saint Tropez, and that is what makes a night here so special. You just never know who you could be dancing with, party goers ranging from Beyonce to Russian billionaires, and everyone else. However, for those who do not know the area, the variety of nightlife in St Tropez can be intimidating, especially when it comes to the high end. All bars and clubs in St Tropez should be enjoyed, so we have prepared this guide on what to expect from the best party establishments in the area. Enjoy! Relax by the fountain in the courtyard or lie back and enjoy the indoor atmosphere. Due to the limited menu, the Champagne Maison Blanche is usually a place to have drinks, instead of a bar, where you would spend the whole night. However, the service, drinks and atmosphere make it one of the best bars in Saint Tropez. This place should definitely be on your list of places to visit. Located in the famous Hotel Maison Blanche, this exclusive place is small but incredibly soft. If the name has not revealed it, you can only buy champagne here. If you want drinks before dinner in a sophisticated and exclusive place, this is the place for you.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Saint-Tropez

1. VIP Room: The VIP room is the latest in glamor from Saint-Tropez, its elegant and contemporary aesthetic that provides the perfect backdrop for Instagram night celebrities. However, along with those who pose for the perfect snapshot, there is a contagious party atmosphere that will keep you dancing all night. The fact that it is only open during the summer only adds to its exclusivity, from the end of June until the beginning of September, from 8 p.m. at 6 a.m.

2. Les Caves du Roy: Age has only cooled this prestigious club. Les Caves du Roy celebrated his 50th birthday last year, but it’s still the place celebrities go to if they want to party. Located inside the legendary Hotel Byblos, the club attracts people again and again with its dazzling and dazzling and exaggerated style. Drinks are expensive: expect to pay more than € 30 for a beer, while securing a table can be thousands. However, it is worth dancing all night with the mix of resident DJ Jack-E with every A-Lister in the city. The bursting sound of champagne corks will only be added to the spinning tracks.

3. Gaio: Gaio was the first place to open in Saint Tropez that offered an all-inclusive experience, restaurant and nightclubs. What was once known to many as Papagayo, this place really reinvented itself and offers an excellent meal, with a price that matches. One of the biggest advantages is that you get high quality food, and for those who stay after dinner, an exceptional party experience.

4. L’Esqui nightclub: the best for LGBT and morning dance More than two L’Esqui is located next to the harbor in the old town, a place that has entertained locals and tourists for decades. It is set on two different levels and offers visitors an excellent place to party until dawn. It is known as the most prominent LGBT club in Saint Tropez, but it is a place where everyone is welcome, and all that matters is having a good time.

5. Saxo Club: This well-known place is flooded with dazzling girls and full of poles that house exotic dancers and plenty of entertainment for high class adults in Saint Tropez. There is no strict dress code in Saxo, but given the location, dressing is always recommended to meet the requirements of the elegant / casual dress code.

6. Casino De Cavalaire: not only do you get a great selection of games to enjoy at this famous Casino, but there is also a high quality restaurant and live shows that are also offered. While it is located on the outskirts of the city of Saint Tropez, it offers enough to keep people from the hustle and bustle of a game night. Throughout the year, there are many different theme nights at the Casino and with more than 130 different types of slot machines, along with their typical poker, roulette and blackjack tables; They offer a comprehensive option for those who choose to visit them.

7. Bar du Port, Vieux Port: the best clubs in St Tropez, as it is a favorite among locals, this high-tech bar is as great as it seems. Like many of St Tropez’s nightclubs, Bar du Port has stood the test of time, existing since the 1960s, and is very anchored in the culture of St Tropez. Since it is open from 7 am to 4 am throughout the year, if you are looking for a decadent disco that apparently never sleeps, this is definitely one of the ones you should visit!

8. Sénéquier: Sartre wrote parts of Les Chemins de la Liberté in this café by the port, in business since 1887, which is popular with boatmen, cyclists and tourists.

9. Café de Paris: the terrace is the place to show off your new strappy sandals in the afternoon snacks. The service is the friendliest along the port.

10. White 1921: White blindingly and very expensive, White 1921 is owned by Louis Vuitton. It is an elegant outdoor champagne lounge in a renovated house in place des Lices. Can’t you get home? Stay in one of the best views of the harbor.