The best night clubs and Nightlife in Zurich

Zurich nightlife offers elegant clubs, informal and alternative bars, as well as live music venues and strip clubs. On the weekend, people from almost half of Switzerland come to the city to have a good time. The main nightlife areas are Niederdorf in the old town, the streets around Langstrasse and Zurich West. There is a lively club scene, but with dozens of bars around, going to bars can be just as fun. A night in Zurich can be great, but also quite expensive.

Most places accept credit cards, but if you go to bars and clubs, have some cash on hand. If you prefer on the quiet side, there are wine and cocktail bars in the old town and around Paradeplatz. Zurich has a sober reputation, but it is still a city that knows how to have fun. There are excellent clubs, bars and meeting places for all musical tastes, so you will surely have a great night regardless of your taste. However, before painting the city red, check out our nightlife guide to find out where to go.

Bars and nightclubs in Zurich nightlife that I selected carefully, including places like Frau Gerolds Garten, Les Halles, Nietturm, Helsinki Klub, Mascotte and Hive. Zurich nightlife is recognized far and wide and offers the widest and most colorful selection of parties in the whole of Switzerland. Night owls and party goers will find a large selection of bars, clubs and event venues in Zurich ranging from a beer or a cocktail bar in the multicultural neighborhood of Langstrasse to the famous electronic music clubs in the promising Zürich-West.

Worship bars such as the Widder Bar and the Kronenhalle Bar have delighted guests for years with their high quality drinks. And while outdoor bars are a popular meeting place for young and old in summer, first-class concert venues celebrate their high season in autumn and winter. They inspire music lovers with excellent sound quality and a large number of international stars.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Zurich

1. Aura, Bleicherweg 5: it is an excellent place in the market consisting of a restaurant, a club, a bar and many more with Michelin stars. Wonderful place for the people of the party, this club is a bit old, but it has great public energy and also hosts great high-end events. Dance parties organized every Saturday night are something you can’t miss. On some nights, there are free tickets, which makes it ideal for party goers. Open until: 2:30 a.m.

2. Alice Choo, Limmatstrasse 275: Now, to visit this club, you need a pocket full of money. Located in the elegant Kreis 5 district of Zurich-West, it houses some of the best international performances and, if it has a place of membership, it is a complement. It also houses a restaurant that offers amazing pan-Asian dishes from the famous chef Nathan Dallimore from New Zealand. until 06.00am open.

3. Kaufleuten, Pelikanplatz: perfect place for world famous DJs and live concerts, this is one of the best nightclubs in Zurich. Tuesdays are special for organizing hip-hop events. You may have to wait in long lines, but once you’re inside, you’ll understand the value of your wait. A great place for young people to relax, dance, eat and drink with super incredible musical performances as a backdrop. open until 00.30 a.m.

4. Blok, Schiffbaustrasse: fans of house and electro music, this is the place you were looking for. One of the best disco clubs in Zurich is a place that will make you feel as if the weather is frozen and that there is no tomorrow. No dress code and, therefore, remains full of party people all the time. The best part is: it is a reasonably priced club and will not cost you as much as other mega party centers. Open until: 5:00 a.m.

5. Mascotte, Theaterstrasse 10: one of the oldest and best clubs in Zurich, still has new and surprising offers for all visitors and locals. This is not only limited to musical performances, but you can also enjoy international comedies and performances. open until 03:00 a.m.

6. Hive, Geroldstrasse: Best known for electronic music, Hive offers some of the best experiences to relax. If you love local culture, this place is perfect for you, where you can enjoy the musical journey of local artists. One of the best places to experience Zurich’s nightlife, Hive not only allows you to enjoy all night, but its kitchen with the name of Gerold Chuchi offers delicious food. Open until: 9:00 a.m.

7. Supermarket: opened in the nineties and also in a garage in western Zurich, this area was a wasteland in its early days. Then it was renovated over time and is now known as a famous underground club mix along with modern electronic beats and an excellent nightlife. There are also international DJs who will ensure that you are immersed in a great musical experience.

8. Club Bellevue, Rämistrasse: another impressive techno club, located in the Zurich Bellevue. It is a great place that hosts excellent live concerts along with events from Monday to Friday. Excellent place to drink and dance, here you can stay awake and dance all night. To this is added a retro-disco touch with psychedelic LED lights in the background. Without dress code, you can come using whatever you want and live the moment of your life.

9. Helsinkiklub: ultra local hippy club with good music, happy people and a cozy atmosphere. Favorite in Zurich!

10. Hard One: Great disco for hiphop, rap, r & b and reggae.